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We can help you make your business idea a reality

You can use financing to meet payroll and expenses, repair your facility, hire new employees, increase inventory, conduct advertising campaigns, and more.

The franchise industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, so why shouldn't you be part of this dynamic growth? Laguna Point Capital offers the opportunity to own and operate a franchise.

We can help you make your business idea a reality

Are you looking for a new business idea? Are you a successful entrepreneur looking to diversify and expand your business? Franchising is for everyone. Laguna Point Capital provides the financing you need to start and grow your small business. Whether you're looking for working capital or inventory, we can help.

One of our recent fundings

Total GAP Funding $185,000 - 690 FICO

GAP Funding Interest Rate 10,2%

$118,000 of Rehab Covered

Project Revenue: $65,000t

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Laguna Point Capital is committed to bringing you personal financial security by connecting you with the right lender regardless of your financial history.

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