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Real Estate GAP Funding Program

Down Payment (GAP) Loan
Amounts Up to $250,000

Perfect product to start your Real Estate Investment Business. Use this money for your down payments to flip multiple projects at once!

* Unsecured Cash Loans from 2 to 7 years - (Rates as low as 5.99% APR).

* 640 or better credit score needed.

* Limited number of 30-90 day derogatory marks in last 3 years.

* Verifiable income documents required.

Down Payment Funding Explained

Why pull money out of your 401K, IRA or investment account! The Down Payment or a simpler term GAP is unsecured cash deposited directly into your bank account. With rates extremely low unsecured GAP funding is a simple and fast way to secure your investment property with little risk or no risk to your retirement goals.

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Total GAP Funding

GAP Funding Interes Rate

of Rehab Covered

Project Revenue:

$185,000 - 660 FICO




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