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This program covers the financing gap in purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate.

Build your Equifax, Experian and Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Program

Laguna Point Capital offers a wide range of business and personal credit programs. Use financing to expand, renovate or create a new business, property renovations, and other individual needs.

Business & Personal Line of Credit Program

We provide all our clients with a pre-qualification option, allowing you to get approved for a business or personal financing before filling out any paperwork.

Business & Personal Term Loan Program

If you have a consulting project, use our financing for it. We can help you build your business from scratch or expand existing projects with the financial support we offer.


You never know when an emergency will arise. If you ever need a cash advance because you've lost your job or your business income has been interrupted by an unexpected event, we're here to help.


Have you ever wanted to offer your employees a specific benefit but didn't have the funding to do so? With Laguna Point Capital, you can submit your employees whatever they need because it's entirely your money.


Expansion is the ability to use an established business entity and expand it to multiple locations using the same infrastructure. This loan is ideal for any small business owner looking to expand or create a new business.


Are you looking for a new business idea? Are you a successful entrepreneur looking to diversify and expand your business? Franchising is for everyone. Laguna Point Capital provides the financing you need to start and grow your small business. Whether you're looking for working capital or inventory, we can help.


We provide business financing for inventory. From one-time loans to revolving loans, we offer fast and flexible financing options that can be tailored to your needs.


Marketing is vital to running your business. Use funding for anything you need to start or grow your business: Marketing, leads, creating a website, building a brand, and much more.


Are you looking for payroll financing? If so, Laguna Point Capital is here to help. We provide small businesses and start-ups with cash advances to finance payroll expenses.


The real estate business financing program can help you with your real estate business. Whether a realtor or an investor, this is a great way to start or grow your business.

Real Estate

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Our Funding Programs

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